Hand written letters : Are real treasures

My Mom asked me to clear my old bookshelf, where I found old bag full of old letters and greeting cards…woo old memories of nineties came in front of me. Birthday cards, letters from friends and cousins. I remember receiving letters and cards always put smile on my face 🙂

In today’s time we people communicate through Facebook, watsup, Skype or email. But we definitely loosing something. Text messages cannot be treasured in the way, my teenage letters and postcards have been for a years. Emails and text messages cannot replace excitement and thrill of receiving and opening  personal letter.

I always love getting cards and postcards from someone I love. Letters were way to express our feelings and thoughts which I found difficult through text messages and emails. Letters have always been nice way to show someone how you care. Now I understand that why we were close in those days and todays generation is lacking that connect.

Letter writing is an art, sometimes exciting, full of detail. Letters were joyfully received and replies penned. They were saved and treasured and often handed down through families as keepsakes and histories. An email is archived after few seconds of reading but letters you can save for years.

Writing letter adds human touch to your relationship. I feel this is reason that earlier people were more closer to each other or they understand each other more then today’s time. Sometimes letters help us express our feelings in a way that we can’t over phone,Skype,through phone or even in person.

I remember my father was abroad for few years when I was kid…he use to write letters to mom which she treasured and cherished for years.

Personal letters were long things, but when was the last time you received a long, rambling email? They’re very rare, Instead they tend to be short notes with a brief bit of news, knocked off very quickly, often as we’re in the middle of several other things. They’ve changed the art of letter writing. How many people would want to save emails? Some are worthwhile, but they’re few and far between.

Compared to letters, emails are little more than an exchange of notes – and for the most part, letter writing has fallen by the wayside. I miss those good old days!

14 thoughts on “Hand written letters : Are real treasures

  1. Your post is the reflection of my thoughts. Even though I wasn’t part of that glorious era where feelings were true and the letters were the true treasure, I still feel letters, cards were the best mode of communication. The handwritten, self-made cards could touch anyone’s heart.

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  2. It’s a lost art. I still far prefer to hand write if I’m doing anything personal. I’ve actually just written one for a friend today. I love stumbling across old letters, I have a file full of wonderful words. Hold onto these little treasures and keep writing your own. Never let that personal touch die, it’ll set you apart from the impersonal digital elite.

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  3. I don’t get many letters, but I do get postcards though an online website called: “Postcrossing.” These arrive from all over the world. They have lovely and unique pictures on the front, and a nice elongated greeting on the back. I send my share around the world too. It’s wonderful coming home to find a handwritten postcard in the mailbox. I treasure them like you treasure yours. Nope! Emails and text messages pall by comparison. I like to send my friends and family thankyou’s and uplifting cards and tomes. I always make sure to write something special on the blank side of the card. I have a mantle, which is where I place the cards I receive. Sometimes, a letter arrives as well. Just a mention…one blogger told how she sends her military boyfriend a telegram. I’ll bet many people don’t realize sending a telegram is still possible. Connection is so key in this world where it appears to be waning. I’m glad I still prefer to (like yourself) stay in touch!

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  4. This is very sweet! Love this, I thought I was the only one who saved old cards and letters these days. When we go through and read these old notes, it almost feels as if we can time travel for just a moment!


  5. Well said the innocence of writing letter and reading by decoder is been mkssing nowadays ! People have lost in the electronic world and basbasic scripture to write a letter expressing ones emotions is by gone era..which should not had been the case. Writing letters is something that one can treasure for life . Emails can’t be!!!! Real dearies of life reveled. Thanks positive side of coin 😊


  6. Very well written ! Learning can never bbe segmentsegmented age wise… a parson keeps learning right from.from . childhood to the old age. 😊👍


  7. We cherish those moments. There were no mobiles phones back then in 90’s or before and letters were the only way to express our feelings. But nowadays teenagers have those huge smartphones with them and they are so much into this social apps that they will certainly laugh at the idea of writing letters. But doing so they certainly are missing the excitement of writing or receiving cards or letters. Feelings well expressed. Nice

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