Smile to Live

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“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” ~The Dalai Lama

I was born and brought up in small town of Himachal Pradesh, India. People there are generally happy and warm. Even my friends say I am a happy-go-lucky person. If you were to ask someone who knows me to describe who I am, undoubtedly one of the first things that they will say is that I am a happy person, no matter what the situation is.

After finishing my Schooling I moved to Delhi and then Mumbai where I finished my post graduation and got opportunity to work in MNC respectively.

While living in the City and working with a MNC, I got so used to seeing grumpy faces all over that I had almost forgotten to smile. People here would seldom smile, sometimes even if they know you they won’t pass a smile. Even if they smile, then it is a kind of forced one and never natural.

I was thinking the other day about what someone once said to me when I was back in office one day. The person asked me ‘hey Anjali, why do you smile so much?’ And that question then made me so awkward that I slowly started forgetting the natural gesture to smile with time.

As years passed, I took break from this Corporate world because of my baby. Here I started realising that I am missing something very badly. But thanks to my 3 year old daughter, I soon realised the missing magic and today I am happy person all again. One day I was just sitting and watching my daughter playing at the garden, she was skipping, hopping and jumping fearlessly…. This triggered my thoughts and my mind trailed back to my childhood flashback showing me glimpses of a girl who could laugh, smile, giggle and be happy even for very small things.

My question is, Why shouldn’t we be generous with our smile? If we smile, we aren’t losing anything. Little we realize that smiling would do a lot of good things not only to others, but to yourself as well. Smile helps people never to feel alone in the world. In all these years I have figured that no one is responsible for your happiness but you. So keep smiling and be happy 😊🤗.

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Image Courtesy: Google
© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

71 thoughts on “Smile to Live

  1. What a beautiful blog you have! The positivity here is a wonderful contribution to your readers! And everything here says so much about You! Lovely and Grace …

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  2. A smile goes a long way to making your own, or someone else’s day better. The caveat is: Don’t ever tell another person to smile – you don’t know what burden they are carrying but you can offer them your smile, and maybe for that moment their burden may lift just a tiny bit for just that moment in time.

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  3. I totally agree. I too am working with an MNC and have seen people like this. Many times, I would smile if I see someone who I knows, and they won’t smile back. It was really awkward. It’s like their goal is to just work and not to live.

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  4. Agree with you Anjali. Smile is an accessory people have forgotten to wear these days.
    Please do continue smiling and help it spread across miles, as they say a smile is contagious 😊. Have a lovely day 💙

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  5. A relevant post. I think we don’t smile because we set our standards in relation to others. Better car, house, promotion etc. We feel inferior, we feel being used and we become angry. We as individuals have to set our comparators carefully. Then we may smile again.

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