Art by little Miss Kyaraa

Art is the perfect messy fun for kids and makes for ideal sensory play. My 3 and half year love using brush and play with Colors. I love to watch her painting. I see a fully engaged child when she paints.
Painting is a way for children to do many important things: convey ideas, express emotion, use their senses, explore color, explore process and outcomes. Here is some messy art by my little Picasso.

Thank you for reading ❤️

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

57 thoughts on “Art by little Miss Kyaraa

  1. If she can hold a paint brush and can paint this way beautifully and that too at the age of three and a half years only..then you just need to wait and watch what wonders she can do in her life..she is super talented..😘😘😘🍫🍫❣

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  2. Love it! I have oodles of these types of paintings from my kiddos. It’s neat to look back on their art from that age and see how much they have grown. It amazes me how in the blink of an eye, the sunshines, the people, the houses they paint suddenly have so much detail. Great artwork, sweet girl!

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