Pleasant Smile and Politeness

There is Chinese proverb that “ The person who cannot smile should not set up shop” We don’t like to go to shopkeeper, doctors or any other professionals who are rude and loses patience easily. Magnificent force of smile and politeness is our biggest asset in any kind of business or in our daily lifestyle.

A smile attract people because it breaks the barriers between two people. People who smile and are polite are people who can attract abundance through there this quality. People run away from angry and rude people. No one likes to spend time with them, but if you have infectious smile you can win other’s easily. If you notice famous people like Richard Branson, Laxmi Mittal etc they all keep smiling face, and when they speak they are so polite.

People show interest in us only when we are polite with smile on our face. In brief, you must learn to smile to succeed in any venture of life. And a smile is always more effective when served with politeness.

Thanks for reading 🌺💕

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

91 thoughts on “Pleasant Smile and Politeness

  1. A smile is the precious thing best we can wear… and its FREE! Really enjoyed this piece. i have recently started a blog based on similar themes are yours. I would appreciate if you could give me a follow and possibly leave some feedback on my work. Thanks in advance~ clodagh ☺️

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  2. It’s the easy thing to do yet is so beneficial. It is the need of the hour.

    Now- a – days people are forgetting the art of smiling.

    I think we should smile often , smile even if there is no reason.

    Thanks for writing such a wonderful and true post. 💕

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  3. That is well said Anjali, when i walk through the shops or into stores i keep eye contact with people as we walk and it’s amazing the reatcion you get, you will get a nod, a smile , head down, look the other way to me i all ways say the famous aussie gid aaa followed by a smile, the behind the counter smile is slowly disappearing, there was a time when you were greatly greeted as you walked into the store, now heads on iPhones or chatting with there assistance, the blank look gets me it’s like why you here, when i do get that warm smile that saids i’m glad your here may i help you i spend money…Lol
    Great article Anjali so true.

    Have a great day

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  4. So true. Sometimes we don’t remember what we talked about but when recall that time then smile and politeness puts a smile on our face because they symbolize genuineness and positivity.
    Always important and worthy to wear smile like a cape of a superhero as it didn’t add any super power but that thing makes us different from the others to recognize or remember.

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  5. You’re absolutely right, a smile & politeness makes such a difference. It can really make someone’s day when they’re treated with respect and a little kindness, too 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend xx

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  6. When we smile the body sends a signal to the mind – be happy! And in that sweet moment of happiness we find the blooming flower of our heart. Thank you for your wondrous reminders, dear Anjali.

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