One liner story – who I am

I will try my best to understand myself; who I am so that I can understand how to be better than I am.

24 thoughts on “One liner story – who I am

  1. How are u Anjali for some reason i don’t seem to receive your blogs..
    i will try best to understand myself at the moment for me it’s not happening i just cant seem to understand me.. but all good i’m learning …i really liked self love excellent well written an put into a great blog. have a good day


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    1. Hi Paul, sometimes I also miss mails… How are you doing? I just completed reading your blog. Its good you keep on asking and try to understand your feelings. Life is like this many times we find it hard to understand our own feelings. This is also experience. I guess you need little change in life. You too have a great day. Take care. Anjali.

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  2. Brilliant!self introspection is not an easy task in today’s fast paced environment with a “go!go!go!”attitude…..thanks Anjali for reminding that it is also a tool of self development….πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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