Wordless Wednesday – creativity

In January 2021; Kyaraa my daughter  shown her creativity both at sea face and up high in Mountain’s.

Love and blessings ❤️,

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

60 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – creativity

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      1. Absolutely. We humans are naturally wild, a word that today carries kind of an indisciplined connotation. But it was the natural living our ancient forefathers lived for several thousand years.

        Thank you for coming over on the road, finally.
        Nara x

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        1. Even I believe the way our forefathers used to live was more happier and satisfying way the way we live in today’s world. Nothing satisfying than fresh breeze and running water in Mountain’s. It’s important to connect with nature. Thank you for Sharing your thoughts 💗.

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