Tame your Thoughts!

We have been created to live our life in freedom, health, and wealth. If our life doesn’t look like that, it means we block ourselves by our thoughts. Our thoughts are very powerful instruments.

Our life is in our hands, but we must learn to gain the control of our thoughts. Our thoughts become our reality. To start noticing our thoughts first we should learn to notice our feelings. Remember that our feelings are monitoring our thoughts for us. Our feelings are telling us whether our thinking thoughts are good for us or not. If we become more and more conscious of how do we are feeling, then we become more and more aware of what we are thinking. And if we know how to control or thoughts then we know how to control our mind for our good.

We can choose our thoughts. Nobody in the world can put a thought in our head without our permission. Our mind belongs to us! It’s our job to control our thoughts! Choose those thoughts who will bring you the results you want.

Thanks for reading 💗,

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

48 thoughts on “Tame your Thoughts!

  1. The mind is meant to think ,think and think. No human can stop the mind from doing that. What one has control over is for how much time a thought is allowed to reside in the mind and disturb the routine life…
    Stay blessed 🙏😇

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