Blogging community is truly wonderful. There are so many fantastic people who are part of it, posting great things and are in general just great human beings. I want to spread happiness through my blogs; I believe in positive attitude, and that’s why my blog name is a positive side of the coin.

Through the blog on this website, I am sharing with you poetry, features, image development blogs and blogs on my daughter’s activity ( kids) that I have been taking out from my experience of life. Life learning arose from different situations. It is to see that the world is built on our relatedness with people and objects around us. There are many things we can learn from every encounter we come across what we learn from each encounter is clear choice that we must make than to blindly accept what others say.

I believe that life is beautiful,one should enjoy it and stay positive. This blog is about being positive and curious about mystery of mankind. Someone truly said expand your thoughts and you will enlarge your world….!

At end, I want to thank all the amazing readers and bloggers.

Strange is this world of blogging
The one I consider my own
Belong to everyone of us!
Our meeting on WordPress
It’s like someone listening to you.
Thank you all my dear readers
For reading and liking my thoughts
Thank you ❤️

My dear reader!
I want you to know that I am grateful to you for being here, investing your precious time in reading what I write. Hope it helps and keeps you entertained always.

Thank you So much !!! ❤️

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