Does Painting Help Your Mental Wellbeing?

Guest post:Francesca Pavis With the help of certified and trained art therapists, scientists have discovered that art therapy can help people with anxiety and depression by developing a greater sense of self. What are the immediate benefits of painting? Art therapy can not only help with self-care, but also help people with some learning difficultiesContinue reading “Does Painting Help Your Mental Wellbeing?”

Five years of Positive Side Of The Coin.

Five years completed with more than 5255 followers. In all these years I met so many amazing bloggers…it’s bliss to have such intelligent minds around reading your blogs and commenting with their inputs!!! Helped me to learn lot and improve and Thank you all..Feeling blessed and a greatfull. I am sorry from 24th March IContinue reading “Five years of Positive Side Of The Coin.”

Choice of thoughts.

The Happiness of your life depends on quality of your thoughts. You’ll be happy only if through the weight of negative thoughts out. Happiness is state of mind, not a set of circumstances. Instead of looking around lets look within. Simply decide to be happy now, rather than postponing happiness. Be happy, Be bright andContinue reading “Choice of thoughts.”