She is within you, Your best friend, She speaks to you daily, She makes sure that every action you take, Every decision you make should be aligned with your higher self, Keep her alive, Just don’t ignore her, Try always listen to her. Happy Holidays 💖 Thanks for reading 💗, © Anjali Sharma, Positive SideContinue reading “Intuition”


If your mind tends to wander, you’re not alone. My Focus was very poor when I was growing. Even today sometimes I feel that lack of concentration effects our day to day activities. Unfortunately, mind wandering can happen at the wrong moment when we require lot of concentration at given point of time. Sometimes weContinue reading “Focus”

3 Mind Power Techniques to attract what you want by Zoltan Szabo

#Technique 1 Positive affirmations are simply appropriate decisions in which you are acknowledging to maintain the balance of your intentions. This means affirming the things you want to do in a positive way. Affirmation is your guide to provide you a clearer picture with regards to what you are thinking or to what other individualsContinue reading “3 Mind Power Techniques to attract what you want by Zoltan Szabo”