Love yourself,Don’t be so hard.Fully embrace yourself with your flaws,Who you are,When we embody love,We are the most powerful being in the universe.Relax and remind yourself,You are doing your best,Take deep breath,And start embracing yourself.The Positivity already contains within you.You are best – that’s what matters! With love, ¬© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of TheContinue reading “Embrace”

Token of Love.

Mountains, flowers, greenery & river.Will they reveal their innermost secrets forever,Ask people who are the worshipers of art,For them these are token of love like a sweetheart,By the beloved God.The gentle breeze, the soothing nature,Is nothing but love by the almighty God for his beloved creature,The Sun will always be there bright and shine,The earthContinue reading “Token of Love.”

Fantasy : Law Of Attraction!

For best to happenWe need to allow things to flow on their own,Fantasy to survive in this world which has gradually grown.The dreamer to dream big & bright,There is something more than us which makes everything right.This all works on the law of attraction,Reality to unfold, taking its own action.Nature always helps us to springContinue reading “Fantasy : Law Of Attraction!”