Mystery of life

This is a response to the Freedom of Expression challenge – Mystery curated by Richa – Iscriblr. When I think of this word Mystery, I can only think of mystery of life. Our life is itself a mystery. You never know what next. Changes in life are sometimes like new challenge, but without changes lifeContinue reading “Mystery of life”

What is your soul signature?

Energy is asking you to love your story for all the joy and pain it may hold and increase your vibrations. If energy is neither created nor destroyed; everything you will ever want is already here. It is simply a matter of choosing the thoughts which will put you into harmonious vibration with what youContinue reading “What is your soul signature?”

Live in the moment

We humans, yes we humans caught in the pleasure and pains of the past, and hopes and fears of the future, we often refuse to be in the present, which is only place where life exists. Why don’t we learn to stay in present? While past and future call for least commitment of action, theContinue reading “Live in the moment”