How a virtual world of “Clash of Clans” makes you learn ‘life-lessons’ about Money, Investments and Success.

Clash of Clans….woo !!! what an addiction. I am playing this game from last four years. Once, most of the people who invest time and real money (context to Internet Bill) on this game; they don’t want to lose it.

It’s an incredibly popular game all over world. “Clash of Clans” is a ‘power house’ kind of an app. The game revolves around the idea of fortifying a base, defending it from invading players and their clans and raiding the bases of other in order to gain resources. You make your own empire from a very small tiny village to very big Castle. You keep on upgrading your walls and Town-hall slowly and steadily. In this game players are always tempted to get ahead with help of virtual, in game currency and gems. Now, the question is how we learn lessons of Money, investment and success through this virtual game.

  1. Hard work and patience pays you, Time is money: In clash of clans, you start from scratch to top. It takes times and patience on the other hand, In real life also we require patience. We start from scratch and slowly and gradually we grow. To stay in race one has to be skillful and If you are skillful then you know how to increase your resources & wealth.
  2. Having Gold and Elixir give you security and one should know how to make more wealth for a secured life. Make goals to get more resources and powerful troops. Same thing even in life, one has to make goals and wishful thinking. If you have money and you know how to save it then it gives you sense of security.
  3. Money alone will never help, you have to save your resources to upgrade your troops and the Town-Hall. You should know that if you want to grow, you need to save. In real life if you want luxury, if you want stability…then it’s important that you save!
  4. Give Donation: If you extend a helping hand and donate troops you get troops in return, the same ideology applies in real life, if you help your friend at time of their need…you will get help when you need it back; So, be generous and help people And don’t forget to help those who helped you at time of your need.
  5. You need to chase and do successful attacks to gain trophies and defense continuously to save them: For growth one needs to attack to gain trophies and you should also know how to defend your trophies. In life, Success is not destination to maintain your status and in life you have to keep moving. You should know how to get success and how to maintain it. For that you need to be skillful and increase your knowledge in everyday life by learning. Bigger your Town hall is and more trophies you have, more challenges you will face…so keep learning to beat odd situations.
  6. Don’t be afraid of losing in attacks, ups and downs are two sides of the coin. If you lose some attack, then research on it that why you loose it and next time make your troops more stronger with a full proof strategy…Even In life a person who has witnessed failure, knows the JOY of success.
  7. Team matters a lot in clash of clans, your trust on your clan will always help whole clan to grow with you. One should always keep in mind to have good team, you need a good team leader and to keep game going…you should keep growing in life as well 😉

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