Love for Music!

Music is something that touches your soul. Kyaraa my daughter started loving music when she was very small. I enrolled her in music class in 2020 but our bad luck was that in one week’s time Government announced lockdown and she never got a chance to attend any music class. On Wednesday she decided to sing this song and I recorded it for her, no training is given to her. Hope you will like it!

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God’s way!

When we take birth we cry,
When we leave this world others weep,
Cat likes to eat fish but cat can’t swim,
Fish like worms, but fish can’t come up on land.
Life is like that if we get something we also loose some,
God is very interesting who has his own ways,
So live life fully and just show gratitude to him to give us this life with positive mindset.

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Roses are beautiful flowers. Their fragrance is also unforgettable and very distinctive from other flowers.Their beauty is elevated even more by the meanings people have attached to these beautiful blooms and with time it becomes memory.

Rose is love,

Rose is happiness,

Rose is fragrance,

Rose is beauty,

Rose is Bose,

Rose is a gift from God.

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