Wordless Wednesday – Jack-o’-lantern

This is Spooky October, so Kyaraa decided to make her spooky Jack-o’-lantern.

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There is not a single instance in the history where fear or hate has brought a joy in the human being,
If humanity released all hate or a fear,
We would only have peace on earth.
Peace within us,
Peace around us,
Peace in our mind, body and a soul,
Peace in our speech,
Peace in mankind,
Peace on earth,
There is nothing we long for more than peace in this world.

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Power of Will and Belief – Healthy life !

Post COVID impact or I can say after pandemic I hear many stories where people complain about their health. I understand many of us have changed our lifestyle and not even stepped out of their house. But remember health is of top priority. I want to share few steps which we can use to improve our health. Since childhood, I have heard that our health is in our hands, we can improve our health through our will power.

1) Ask for what you want –
Write or say out loud how you would like your health to be.

Or, simply state that I am happy and healthy and my body is perfect in every way. (and look at yourself in the mirror and say this affirmation daily)

2)Believe –
Have faith that your body has already been healed. Because when you ask; it has already been given. You just have to get yourself in the state of belief in order to let it in.

3)Visualize –
Imagine yourself in perfect health. See yourself doing all the things that the doctor told you that you would never do.

4)De-Stress –
Do your best to let go of all of the stressful situations in your life. This is your key to healing. Do things that makes you happy, watch funny movies as laughter is the best medicine. There was a story in movie The Secret about a woman, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, she let go all of the stress in her life and watch nothing but funny movies and she ended up laughing the cancer right out of her body within three months. She also believed and was thankful for her healing before she was actually healed.

5)Be thankful –
Speak as though you already have been healed. Give thanks for your happy, healthy body. Use affirmations, the affirmations that I use every day is “thank you for my perfect healthy body” and I never get sick with a cold or flu. If I do experience a headache or issues with my digestive system, I will place my hand over wherever the pain may be and say thank for my perfect digestive system and the food instantly digest. Or, I would say my head is perfect in every way and in a few minute my headache would be gone. It works because, I believe without a doubt that I will be healed.

6)Joy –
Stay in the feeling of joy and happiness – try not to hang around people who want to focus on your illness. Change the subject or simply let them know that you prefer to remain positive about your situation. Read positive books, listen to motivational cd’s daily. And repeat your affirmation as many times as you can in order to keep yourself in that good feeling place.

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