Wordless Wednesday- Artwork

Kyaraa my daughter used watercolour and babyoil to make this angel artwork.
This was pleasant surprise for me from Kyaraa.
Kyaraa’s Self-portrait.
Kyaraa’s 3D swan artwork.

Hi Everyone, long time I didn’t got time to post or read any blog. I am back in an action from today. So, I decided to post some of my daughter’s recent work. I hope you will like her work.

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Wordless Wednesday- nature, Beach, Kyaraa and Leo.

I loves beach and this weekend I took my puppy Leo and daughter Kyaraa for outing. I took these pictures recently when I took them out in nature.

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Dance Moves

Kyaraa’s Dance Moves

Dance is joyful, cathartic and therapeutic. Dance is a way of expressing and defining one’s identity. Kyaraa my daughter is big fan of Dua Lipa. She asked me to play her songs other day, and she choreographed her moves herself. She really dances well. I loved her moves, so thought to make video of it. Please, do watch it.

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