Gift from Clouds!

Copyright Sue Vincent

Clouds come floating into my life,
I wonder what is stored in near future,
To go to a new place, I thought I need to take path I have not taken so far,
Maybe it’s good sign from Universe.
In divine rain of tales, their mother nature showers,
And look at last, what I got, present of Rainbow which filled my life with colours.

With love 💖

This is a response to the#writephoto Prompt – cloudscurated over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.


Feature Image Courtesy: Sue Vincent
© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

In this Journey of Life!

Falling and then rising

This is what life is all about

There is beginning, there is an end.

In every step I take

All that matters is to keep moving,

In this journey of life.

If I don’t hold myself back,

And do what I love to do,

I will definitely get the treasure,

Which is experience of life.

Experience is the knowledge

That I will explore,

By staying sharp and aware

In this journey of life.

With love,

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

There’s Magic in Your Smile 💖

Beautiful smiling faces – my daughter, nephew and my cousin in the picture💕

Sometimes there’s no reason to smile, but I’ll smile anyway because of life. It’s not like you have to do something, or buy something to smile. When I smile, I think, “I’m happy to be alive.” If you can turn smiling into a habit, then you can turn happiness into a habit.

Here are some benefits of Smile :

  1. It makes you look attractive.
  2. Smile is of more value than words. It conveys to others a docile message that I am there to help you if I can; I am here if you need me a feeling of warmth.
  3. A smile is the universal welcome. It is the universal language of kindness.
  4. When you’re smiling, no doubt you’re having a much better time than when you’re not! Smiling simply makes you feel better!
  5. Smiling is crucial when it comes to first impressions. Smiling when you first meet someone will indicate to the other person that you are genuinely happy to see them giving impression of a positive person!

So keep Smiling and be happy 😊🤗.

Thanks for reading 💕

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin