Lock-down Diaries,( #NewNormal ) Part 2.

It’s been two months since I last wrote about my experience about the Lock-down, we are in this situation from the last three months now. It’s the phase of Lock-down 4.0 (unlock 1.0) in India. Many things are allowed now but we are still learning to deal with the feeling of suspicion. I have not stepped out of my building for the last three months as I don’t want to take risk.

Many things are entirely new, and we are learning how to deal with all of that. When I think about the near future, I try to be positive. I must admit that the increasing number of cases make me concerned about our future but then I try to keep myself busy with other things. I know things will not be the same as before but at present keeping myself busy and positive is the only solution.  I am grateful that in have some plants in my Gallery, which give me the inspiration to be happy and peaceful, Naturally.

Beautiful flower in my gallery.

I tried my hands on baking cakes in this period, which I guess every household must have done during this lock-down. Everyone I see is baking bread or whipping up desserts to turn up into a master-chef during this lock-down and according to my experience it’s a good way of relaxing your mind. Baking is an art.  

My daughter, Kyaraa’s online classes are starting from this 15th. She also kept herself busy without any complaints. She is using her time all alone with her barbies or sometimes painting or watching TV. But I have a question here, Do we really want to give our kids, this life? Virtual classes & Virtual meetings. Actually, we can’t help but this is what is the need of the hour and today’s demand. Earlier we used to teach our kids, “Sharing is caring” but today, we have to teach them please don’t share anything. They can’t meet their loved-ones as usual. I sometimes pray that we get a “Time Machine” and skip 2020 as a year only to land up next year to get our normal lives back! 

And As we take uncertain steps to cope up with the New Normal which are actually not so normal to me or anybody. The so-called term to accept the “New Normal” is already here and the changes that it brings along go way beyond our imagination of being hygienic. Than may be it be in regards to wearing a mask or to wash our hands or sanitizing things and usable etc. For instance, I wash my hands more than 25 to 30 times a day or more, though I don’t need to step out or haven’t stepped out yet. These last few weeks have raised some questions in my mind. Like, Will the world be a better place to Live in peacefully some day? I don’t know. But surely, we have to be hopeful, As hope is the only Ray of light for the future while enjoying & living this present times with our family and by following safety-precautions strictly.  All the very best.

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© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin