10 Ways to Erase unwanted thoughts.

Guest Post : John Adams

Negative thoughts feed our fears and starve our soul. They tend to push us into dark alleys, which ultimately lead to the black hole called depression. When we surround ourselves with the negative energy of intrusive thoughts, good things slip away. Breaking the habit of focusing on the bad possibilities is tough, but important if you want to grow and live a happy life. Here are ten ways to help you transition to the bright side:

1.      Write them down and Read aloud

Most of the negative thoughts swirling around our head are absolutely absurd. If you don’t believe me, write them down on a piece of paper and read out aloud to yourself. You can then crumple those thoughts and toss them into the trash (literally and figuratively).

2.      Go for a Run

If negative thoughts have you hyperventilating, grab your jacket and go out. Run around the block as fast as you can. Your mind will get cleared up by the time you get back, so you can take a deep breath and relax. Never drive when your mind is racing or you feel upset because many auto accidents happen because of reckless and distracted drivers.

3.      Take a Bath/Shower

Cold showers and hot baths are both relaxing, depending on the weather. The water and soap will wash away all the grime on the outside, and cleanse the bad energy building up inside.

4.      Turn on your Happy Song

The right song can make everything better. Pick one with pleasant lyrics and upbeat music to eliminate your gloom and doom. You can even dance to the beat to embrace your mind’s happy place.

5.      Shift your Focus

An idol mind is the devil’s workshop. Negative thoughts usually creep into our mind when we are being unproductive. You can escape the damaging brain waves by engaging your senses elsewhere. You may read a book, stream a new show, do some cleaning around the house, or play a game.

6.      Count your Blessings

Negative thoughts are like a fog that mask all the positives in our life. Shake them off and count ten blessings on your fingers. There are so many good things around you that are taken for granted. Consider yourself lucky if you have a well-furnished home and enough food in the fridge to last a week. More than 1.5 billion people in the world struggle for shelter and more than half a billion go to bed on an empty stomach.

7.      Share it with your Confidant

Sometimes sharing your concerns with a loved one is necessary to put the mind at ease. Your friend, partner, parent, or sibling can provide the consolation you need. Vent out your frustrations and let them cheer you up. 

8.      Find a Silver Lining

Believe it or not, everything happens for a reason. Life is all about ups and downs, so learn to roll with it. As cliché as it sounds, it is in fact true that every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes it is impossible to fight off negative thoughts when we are in a bad place. Just remember that things will turn around.

9.      Try being Optimistic

Cut down on the pessimism and consider the alternatives to your daunting philosophies. Your negative thoughts might actually manifest bad energy and materialize your nightmare. Try imagining all the good possibilities and prepare to get pleasantly surprised.

10. Practice Mindfulness

We often distress ourselves over situations that have not yet occurred and might never actually happen. By practicing mindfulness, we train our brain to concentrate on the present alone. We can effectively erase all negative thoughts by letting go of the past and future. Mindfulness can be achieved through yoga and meditation exercises.

Author Bio

John Adams is a lifestyle blogger who creates content focused on healthcare and personal well-being.He encourages readers to take care of their body and mind to live an ideal life. He also stresses on improving one’s quality of life via positive thoughts and actions.Blogging about personal opinions and life experiences makes John happy, and he is always open to constructive criticism.

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