Colorful Peacock!

The art of creating pictures using colors, tones, shapes, lines, and textures is so much fun. As kids grow up, they like to use a variety of ways to draw and paint their imaginations. Employing various canvas painting ideas for kids or even different forms of paintings can help kids find the right channel of expression and in a Lock-down it becomes extremely important for us to keep them busy.

Kyaraa started playing with colors since she turned one. She always expressed herself through colors and paints. Sometimes, I find something scribbled on the wall or on the newspaper or sometimes even on my important documents. This time she asked me to make her Video where she can explain how to mix colors (primary to secondary) as she wanted to paint her own Peacock. Please do watch her fun Video how to make a Colorful peacock and how to mix different colors.

Thanks for Watching❤️,

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