Wordless Wednesday – My Dad’s Hidden Talent Part 8.

I loved these pictures clicked by my Dad last week. Lockdown Diaries part eight. No filters used.

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Wordless Wednesday – My Dad’s Hidden Talent Part 5.

Different Perspective this time, here are few clicks by my Dad where he covered Sky. No filters are used.

Stay Safe and Stay Positive ❤️,

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Lockdown Diaries!

Are you missing your friends, and joys of the community? From Last one month we are in lock-down, which is mandatory. Thankfully, I am with my Husband and my daughter. This year my kid’s School closed early so, keeping the little one busy itself is great task. Before lock-down, I had two maids and one cook. Life was easy but all of sudden this Covid-19 shocked the World and everything turned upside-down. I have given paid leave to my maids and frankly speaking the first one week was really difficult as I was getting adapted to a new routine. Compared to so many, I feel I am fortunate, with no Job to worry about – So for me, I have to only take care of my daughter and my household work. My Husband is working from home & Yes Kyaraa disturbs him a lot so, I try to keep her busy with extra curricular activities.

As Life is not active as before & Social-Distancing is the only option to combat Corona-virus. This doesn’t bring us to an end, We can do different activities inside our homes and so, we decided not to lose hope and keep our-selves busy and active. We have to constantly keep ourselves in good mood. I told Kyaraa about this disease, but her innocent mind think it’s some kind of a Dinosaur. So, Please do listen to her 🙂

I try to keep myself and Kyaraa as busy as possible. We Learned so many new dishes- thanks to many bloggers who share recipes online. I had never thought that I will try my hands on street-food before. So, this idea turned out positive for me. Check out some of them on my Instagram posts:

Kyaraa loves dancing, painting, baking and playing. I would like to share with you all, how this little one kept herself busy for the last one month. Do check out her You-tube channel link below. Maybe, this will give you some idea on how to keep your kids busy and stay positive in these difficult times.

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Also, wanted to share that My father has just developed a new passion for photography during these times which, I have shared in my last few posts. Besides, cooking and taking care of Kyaraa I am also, reading and watching movies. This is how we keep our selves busy in hope that everything will get well soon in coming days.

On the other hand an insight that I would like to share is that I also, observed something new – I must say NATURE has taken a turn-around. In the last one month people have seen peacocks on the road as well as some have seen Dolphins in Mumbai at the Marine-drive. I think now they feel free to come out as we are all inside our homes. I think we Humans had forgotten that they also do exist. Sometimes, I feel that this lock-down will teach us the new way of life. Mother-Earth is breathing and she wants all of us to stay at homes and think where mankind has gone wrong and come out being more humble & kind to each other. So, let’s Stay positive and be hopeful. #StayStrong #StaySafe.

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