Kyaraa Makeup tips to her Cousin.

A few weeks back Kyaraa was doing her homework, But I think she was not in the mood to do that. So first she asked me to call her dad. She spoke to her Dad and later on, she asked me to call her little sister. I asked her to finish her homework first, but she insisted to call her sister. I called on my sister’s phone, but my sister’s phone was switched off. I asked Kyaraa to finish her work and promised that I will call my sister again. After finishing her work she asked me again to call her aunt, but again the phone was switched off. So she asked me to record the message as for her it was urgent.
I recorded the message, but to my surprise, she gave Makeup and pet advice to her two and half year old sister. It was funny, but came out cute, so I thought to share out it with you all.

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Kyaraa’s Magical World!

Kyaraa is very creative child who love to paint and create lovely art and craft. She is five and she has natural ability to engage in innovative idea’s. So during Lockdown when Schools are closed and there was nothing to do much we thought to start Kyaraa YouTube channel where she can create her own videos. The purpose of this channel is to entertain kids with fun and interesting ideas to paint and keep them busy with DIY activities. If you have kids at home then please subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to hit the bell icon. And special thanks to Elena to create wonderful animations on Kyaraa Drawings.

Here is poetry I want to dedicate to my little princess Kyaraa:

I am thankful to God for this little angel named Kyaraa,
With joyful heart and laughing eyes.
She is like magic,
A tiny gem,
My little artist,
Who love making rainbows, flower’s and butterflies.
A little angel who demand perfection,
God made this little angel,
Who make my world look beautiful.

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