How you want to see me,
If you see me from the world you know,
I will be no different from
What you have seen.. .
Stop judging
Please understand me
If you want me to be myself.. .
If you see me as I am
You may get to discover me
Somewhere within us all,
There is a love compassion and wisdom.. .
But we can only feel that when we stop judging others and accept them the way they are.

With love πŸ’–

This is a response to the#writephoto : Within curated over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.

Feature Image Courtesy: Sue Vincent
Β© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

49 thoughts on “Judgement

  1. This post was very relatable. Thank you for sharing a message of tolerance for different types of people who find themselves in various kinds of challanging situations.

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      1. It seems Discrimination has become a bad word. Discriminative wisdomβ€”Vivek? Being able to discern? First understanding. I like this very much. Is that a judgment? πŸ’žπŸ˜Š

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  2. That’s right,, we have the perspective which we either is based on presumption or which waits for the things to happen before getting developed,, maybe you too believe in what you expect,,,,

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  3. I think it’s hard to not judge, for example I find it difficult to look at a scene, a person, anything and not cast an opinion or judgment on them, sometimes it’s positive and sometimes it’s not. When I catch myself judging negatively, I have to remind myself that I shouldn’t do that. Is it easy for you not to judge ? How do you manage to do it ?

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    1. I am talking about judging people, I do ignore things many times. . As when we start judging anyone from beginning it become difficult for us to read individuals personality. There is Difference between judging and understanding. I always try to understand first before judging. I know we humans have tendency to judge but what I am saying that before judging we should understand individual and his or her situation.

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