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Be Courageous in all times.

Time is not difficult and easy. Time is only time, which moves at its own pace. Circumstances make time difficult and easy. No matter how intelligent a person is, but when he comes in a calamity, his mind stops working. He does it, and he shows a lot of courage, but his courage also can support him to an extent. But who does not lose courage till the end, he definitely wins.

How to be courageous in difficult times –

– Be Positive Always :-

No matter how bad the time is, a person should always remain positive. Human nature is like that, people cannot stay positive in bad times, if something happens a little, man gets upset quickly because of which he cannot think positively. But if you dare a little you can overcome that trouble and you can turn your thinking into positive.

– Take inspiration from others :-

There are many people in the world whose problems are bigger than you. If God made you the perfect person, you should thank him because there are people on earth whom God did not make perfect even in the body, yet he is on earth. Happy and living our life bravely\n

– Learn to accept the truth :-

There are a lot of people who don’t accept the truth quickly. It causes them more trouble than the ongoing trouble. If you want to keep courage in the hard times, accept the truth. If you need any trouble. Learn to face or you accept the truth you have the courage to face the trouble.

– Be Patient :-

People often lose patience when there is a problem, which causes them to get upset, and then lose courage. Losing patience always happens. Whenever someone in life. If trouble arises, one should not lose patience, rather find solution instead of getting entangled in the problem.

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ยฉ Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

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