It was my Birthday!

It was my birthday yesterday and we had gala time. Had small family dinner at home. I really enjoyed family time. Every year we go out on my birthday but this time we celebrated it at home. Kyaraa enjoyed family time a lot. I thought that I should share some pictures with my blogger family.

Stay safe and happy ❤️,

© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

289 thoughts on “It was my Birthday!

  1. Hey! How did you manage to get so much interaction and likes on your article? I’m struggling to get interactions even with multiple tags and all. Any help would be appreciated!

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      1. Thank you! I think content wise I’m good and write very entertainingly but I have no audience to interact with, only people I know on Facebook as that’s where most of my traffic comes form

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  3. Dear Anjali, a just slightly but very wholeheartedly ✨ Happy ✨ Birthday ✨ to you, my friend! 😊💖 May the coming year make you and your beautiful family shine with love and happiness! 😊🌈☀️

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